Nigeria Day of Mourning? #NigeriaMourns #MourningDay

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The National Day of Mourning (#MourningDay), or Nigeria Mourning Day (#NigeriaMourns) is observed in Nigeria on 28 May. It commemorates People who have been killed, injured or suffered illness due to Killing related hazards and occupational exposures.

Nigeria Mourning Day was started Nigeria activists, were driving in early May to a Stand up meeting, and were stopped by Police and hold for months, for organizing funeral procession for Nigerian that had been killed arose the nation,  #NigeriaMourns all the deaths through our history from riots & coups. From pogroms & the civil war, From communal clashes & religious extremism,  From military excesses & democratic incompetence, From natural disasters & Force brutality,  From the last 4 years. #WeRemember. Nigerians are worried, they carried out,


#MourningDay Nigerians honor the fallen & remember, those who knew the risk and faced it with courage.

#NigeriaMourns Service men who dared to protect us, fight for us, stand up for us, and lay down their lives this for Nation.

 Nigeria Mourning Day
Observed by Nigeria
Celebrationsflag at half-mast, Moment of silence, lighting candles, donning ribbons and black armbands
Date28th day of May
Related toLabor Day; Workers’ Memorial Day


#NigeriaMournsc #MourningDay

#NigeriaMourns #MourningDay




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