Obinwanne Okeke funded IPOB activities – Dr Kemi Olunloyo Confirms

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#BREAKING An @FBI source close to the investigation tells me accused Nigerian Phishing scammer Obinwanne Okeke funded IPOB activities since 2016 after being celebrated on the cover of Forbes Africa. Okeke allegedly funded a significant portion of Kanu’s legal process

Obinwanne Okeke funded IPOB activities

Obinwanne Okeke Bio

Phone calls also link him to Nigerian separatist and proscribed terror group leader Nnamdi Kanu. In essence, Okeke the embattled CEO of Invictus group was allegedly “funding terrorism”. No word from the Nigeria Government.

The @FBI source told me that they are working on possible links in the investigation that may have ties to purchase of weapons used for terrorism activities and any money trail. Nigerian customs have siezed several large shipments of high powered rifles entering Nigerian 2017-18

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