Oluwatunmise Oluyede biography, Coza, ynaija interview

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Oluwatunmise Oluyede biography, wiki, Coza, ynaija interview; Oluwatunmise Oluyede is a Nigerian, who is at the center of a rape scandal with the pastor of coza. The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly.

Oluwatunmise Oluyede biography

Oluwatunmise Oluyede biography, Coza, ynaija interview

Her profile is yet to get to us.

in the recent act Kemi Olunloyo releases her identity and face as the lady in the ynaija interview: Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo a Nigerian journalist. activist against gun violence. and also social media personality.


She Twitter this in her handle

7 hours before Kemi Olunloyo said In Journalism, a Rape victim stays anonymous with police not in front of media. Once you cover your identity in front of media, your claim may be watered down especially if you are no longer a minor. Don’t tell your story to the media. Busola told hers with her face uncovered.

After an hour she reveal the real identity and face in the ynaija interview,

#kemiolunloyo releases the name of the lady she believes had a sit down interview with ynaija. Her identity and face wasn’t shown in the ynaija interview, but Kemi olunloyo claims to have evidence to prove the lady…

#BREAKING Here is the identity of the 2nd woman accusing the #Coza pastor @BiodunFatoyinbo of RAPE. Her name is Tunmise Oluyede She was fired from the church after a allegedly mismanaging a church Dubai Trip. She hid her identity with @YNaija LISTEN:

Oluwatunmise Oluyede claimed anonymity from @YNaija NOT from @HNNAfrica. I did not interview her. I know who she is. A public figure whose plight is about RAPE in Dubai yet wants to stay private, she should face and stand up to her accuser @BiodunFatoyinbo. Busola Dakolo did.

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Most of her followers reacted to the investigation and exposing the lady be hide the interview:



@HNNAfrica @YNaija @BiodunFatoyinbo
Madam, it is not in your place to decide whether she should go public and face her abuser or not. She wants to stay private, why not respect that? What the heck is wrong with you desperate journalists?!!!

@HNNAfrica @YNaija @BiodunFatoyinbo
What kinda desperate poverty journalism is this??

@HNNAfrica @YNaija @BiodunFatoyinbo
If you have to mention Journalism 500 times, you’re not one. Abeg where your family people??? This one is not ordinary eye.

Completely on point.” If you can’t show you face don’t show your claim”. Period. #NoClowns4Cash.

@HNNAfrica @YNaija @BiodunFatoyinbo
I just couldn’t fight the urge to reply madam “Canadian and American investigative Journalist”. Please who send you work???

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Kemi Olunloyo releases identity and face in the ynaija interview


Oluwatunmise Oluyede biography, wiki, Coza, ynaija interview


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