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Online Stores Amazon, Amazon as the names implies, is one of the largest online trade company/ website that deals with all types of shopping services and stores in a more convenient way.

Online Stores Amazon

It is a Seattle, Washington based company that focuses on e-commerce,cloud computing and artificial intelligence. It is also a public and industrious sector that specializes in four major areas which are basically Cloud computing,Consumer electronics, Digital distribution and E-commerce.

Founded in July 5, 1994 by an International entrepreneur and businessman Jeff Bezos with the intention of serving worldwide with the services that his company offers. One of the amazing fact about amazon is that it started just as an online bookstore which later expanded to sell video downloads/streaming, MP3 downloads/ streaming, audio book downloads/streaming, software, video games, electronics apparel , furniture, food, toys and jewelry.

Amazon as one of the largest online company owns a lot of subsidiary companies , some of them where are Amazon publishing( a publishing arm) , Amazon studios ( a film and television studios) ,Amazon books,, Abe Books, Amazon Air, Alexa Internet, Amazon robotics, Whole Foods Market etc.

Amazon as one of the largest retailing stores worldwide produces numerous products like consumer electronics lines including Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, Fire TV and Echo devices and is also the world’s largest provider of numerous service such as , Amazon Alexa , Amazon App store , Amazon music , Amazon prime and Amazon video and also provides Cloud Infrastructure Services (Iaas and Paas) through it’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) subsidiary.

The company also owns one of the most populated traffic driven website known as Amazon. Com which is an e-commerce and commercial site which is available in almost all languages and written in C++ and Java programming languages. Over 24 years of existence now, Amazon as the largest Internet Company has generated a net revenue of U$$232,887 billion as of 2018 and also recorded as the second largest employer in the United States with a total number of 647,500(2018) as employees.

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