Pres Buhari finished 288 blocks for the victims of Ikeja bomb blast

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Pres Buhari finished 288 blocks for the victims of Ikeja bomb blast: In a tweet from Abubakar Sidiq Usman Reads

17 yrs ago, Ex-Pres Obasanjo promised to construct blocks of flats for families of the victims of Ikeja bomb blast where over 1000 died. It never happened. In 2016, Pres Buhari started and has today finished 288 blocks of the flats despite initial budget delays by the senate


But Nigerians are not dumbs or fools. See reactions to that tweet

Somebody built a house with money he didn’t work for I don’t know how it becomes an achievement, the most painful thing here is that it’s a youth that should champion new thinking that’s writing it, even if it was Obj that built it it would still be nothing, be careful!

President Buhari didn’t construct but renovated the building. Moroever projects like this ain’t major achievements, there are hundreds of serious issues that needs to be attended to not this crap.. Can thunder just fire all of you so that people with ideas can come to power.

I hope this is not in any way comparing OBJ’s performance to buhari’s? Ha! It’s like comparing gold to wood. When are these people going to collect their brains back?

From your first sentence to the last, are full of blames. From Obasanjo to the 8th Senate. Can’t you just tell us what the President did without dragging some people into it? Na competition?

What!!! These were not constructed, they were renovated, I repeat Renovated, Dull Liars. I Live there Bxtch

Your majesty sir. Care to explain the renovated print on the building, the first one on the right, beside the first apartment, on the yellow side of the building by the lower right corner just in case you missed it

But the Most Shocking one was this


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