Raymond Blanco Bio, Age, Marriage, Kathleen Blanco’s Husband

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Raymond Blanco Bio

Raymond Blanco Bio, Kathleen Blanco’s Husband is a retired academic administrator. He also football coach at the University of Louisiana Lafayette.

Raymond Blanco Bio, Age, Marriage, Kathleen Blanco’s Husband

Raymond Blanco Age

He is 84 Years Old.

Raymond Blanco Career

Raymond Blanco worked at the University of Louisiana Lafayette for 46 years before retiring in 2008. In addition to his duties as Dean of Students, he worked as a successful football coach and political adviser and commentator in the state of Louisiana.

Raymond Blanco started a political consulting business back in the 1980s, becoming an adviser to several campaigns and doing political commentary for a local Lafayette TV station. Around the same time, Kathleen started working on Jimmy Carter’s 1976 Presidential campaign. She steadily worked her way up for several years, eventually becoming the Regional Deputy Director for the US Census Bureau.

Kathleen worked with Raymond in the political consulting business which gave her unique insight into what mattered to the voters.

Raymond Blanco Marriage

Kathleen Blanco was elected as Governor in 2004 and served until 2008. She was heavily criticized for her handling of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 which killed more than 1,400 people, left hundreds of thousands more displaced, and inundated over 80 percent of New Orleans.

Immediately following Hurricane Katrina, Kathleen received much of the blame for the catastrophe. She was criticized as being unprepared and indecisive while overseeing the rescue efforts. In retrospect, most critics have softened as nothing could have stopped the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita

He and Kathleen have 6 children and 5 grandchildren together.

what you need to know

1. Raymond Blanco Started His Career a Successful Football Coach

2. He Became “Dean of Men” at the University of Louisiana Lafayette to Help Quell Student Unrest in the 1960s and 70s

3. He Was a Big Influence on Kathleen’s Political Career

4. He Has a Space Named After Him in the University of Louisiana Student Union

5. His Son Died at 19 from an Industrial Accident

In December 1997, Raymond Blanco’s 19-year-old son Ben was tragically killed in a workplace accident when an industrial crane collapsed on top of him. According to 64 Parishes, his older brother Ray was standing across from Ben and witnessed the entire accident take place.


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