Richest Self Made Woman in the world

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Richest Self Made Woman in the world, With the recent divorce of Amazon boss, the table of the world richest woman has turned around, with only 4% share from Amazon boss, boosted and ranking the ex wife as the  richest woman on earth,

2019 world richest women

With the recent study from Noisemakers, we observed that all the women that will be listed here made their money either from the father, parents, late husband or an act of divorce or transfer of wealth. None of these woman grew any business to get to the zenith the found them self

Here are list of the 2019 world richest women on earth

1. Françoise Bettencourt-Meyers,
2. Alice Walton,
3. MacKenzie Bezos,
4. Jacqueline Mars,
5. Yan Huiyan,
6. Susanne Klatten,
7. Laurene Powell Jobs

2019 world richest womenNet worth: $26.1bn Currently

She made her wealth: she is a widow of Steve Jobs, and inherited $20bn in Apple shares after her husband’s death, this automatically made her the 7th richest woman but before that money, She helped co-fund natural foods company Terravera and spent her time working at Goldman Sachs.

Some interesting fact’s about 2019 world richest women

2019 world richest womenNet worth: 29.5bn

Susanne Klatten made her Cash: Susanne Klatten inherited 50% of chemical company Altana AG when she lost her parents and tge brother in a BMW, the parents owns almost 50% of the company, making Susanne Klatten 100% minted. She grounded in business finance and also operate under the name of Susanne Kant.

2019 world richest women
Net worth: $31.2bn

Yan Huiyan made her money: Yan Huiyan a Chinese property developer and studied at Ohio State University,
Yan Huiyan also inherited 57% of Chinese property giant Country Garden Holdings from her father late back 2007. His aimed on training her to take over his successful business, Yan Huiyan’s father gave her control of the company

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2019 world richest womenNet worth: $33.6bn

How Jacqueline Mars made her money: Jacqueline Mars owns a third of confectionery company Mars. Built by her grandfather Frank in 1911, Jacqueline Mars worked in the family business for 20 years and was on the board until 2016.

2019 world richest womenNet worth: $50bn (Amazon Divorce shares only)

How MacKenzie Bezos made her money: MacKenzie Bezos is Amazon’s first employee’s, MacKenzie met founder Jeff Bezos at work, They got divorced after 25 years of marriage earlier 2019, with MacKenzie getting a fair share at Amazon, making her one of the world richest woman on earth.

2019 world richest women

Net worth: $62.5bn

How Alice Walton made her money: Alice Walton’s father, Sam Walton, was the person who created American shopping behemoth Walmart. Alice own over 6.7 million shares in Walmart and Alice Walton is known for her philanthropy work

2019 world richest womenNet worth: $69.4bn

How Francoise-Bettencourt Meyers made her money: The French heiress to the L’Oréal cosmetics empire, Françoise Bettencourt-Meyers inherited her 33% share of the business from the mother who died in 2017. She was on L’Oreal’s board since 1997 and is president of her family foundation.


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