Romano Lukas Hitler Bio, Family, Age, Sexual misconduct

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Romano Lukas Hitler Bio; Romano Lukas Hitler has been accused of sexual misconduct in Germany. He claims to be Adolf Hitler’s last surviving relative.

Romano Lukas Hitler Bio, Family, Age, Sexual misconduct

Romano Lukas Hitler Bio

he really Hitler’s last surviving kin, bearing his name? Some people dispute the claim, saying it doesn’t match what is known about Adolf Hitler’s family tree.

Hitler does have nephews who live in New York, although they changed their last name to Stuart-Houston. Unlike them, Romano Hitler has been very outspoken about his alleged family ties to one of the most evil and notorious dictators the world has ever seen.

“After me there will be no more Hitlers,” he said, according to Express. “That’s it, shame must have an end. The name is like a cross to bear and I wish that on nobody.”

The New York brothers have led quiet lives under a different name. There were four of them, but one died in a car accident.

Romano Lukas Hitler Age

Lukas Hitler is 69 years old.

Romano Lukas Hitler Accused of Kissing

He was convicted of pedophilia stemming from an incident in which he kissed a 13-year-old girl,

5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • 1. Romano Lukas Hitler Was Accused of Kissing a Teenage Girl
  • 2. Romano Hitler Claims That His Ties to Hitler Stem From a Younger Brother of Hitler’s Dad Alois
  • 3. Hitler Has Three Nephews Who Live in New York
  • 4. Romano Speaks Broken German & Has the Tattoo of a Lion on His Head
  • 5. A Documentary Explored What It’s Like to Be Named Hitler


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