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Ruga Grazing Reserve, Ruga Meaning

Ruga Grazing Reserve, Ruga Meaning: Ruga settlement in Nigeria, meaning: Riga in Nigeria: Ruga is a term in Hausa which means cow settlement.

Ruga settlement in Nigeria, meaning  Ruga Grazing Reserve, Ruga Meaning
Ruga Grazing Reserve

Ruga Grazing Reserve in Nigeria

Ruga settlement in Nigeria, the idea of the Ministry of Agriculture is a misnomer in a federal system with so much diversity like Nigeria.

Culled words from Vanguard that the only land that the Federal Government has in Nigeria is the Federal Capital Territory which makes the Ministry just a money-siphoning entity given the amount we vote for it yearly.

We will go on with ‘Ruga’ Grazing Reserve – Niger state

Alhaji Ahmed Matane, Niger State Government (SSG), According to him, insisted that the state government will not renege on its plans to establish grazing reserves in the state.

Matane disclosed this while briefing newsmen on Tuesday in Minna.

He said that the establishment of grazing reserves was meant to curtail the lingering skirmishes between herdsmen and farmers in the state.

The grazing reserves will also create job opportunities for most unemployed youths. NAN

Ruga settlement meaning?

Not many Nigerians knows that the FADAMA programme of the ministry had executed over the years. It is from a Hausa word for irrigation. A shadoof means a counterweight system. A long pole with bucket at each end and a weight on the other. Buckets were dropped into the Nile, filled with water, and raised with water wheels were used to irrigate the crops.

Ruga is no other thing than a measure in ethnic domination and conquest, it seeks to create a new territories for Fulani people all over the Nation. This might not be about cattle in any way. But the truth of the matter is that the Fulani People hardly eat cow meat as they know it’s not healthy for human consumption.

The true meaning of Ruga

They are more at home with lean meat.

Here are some reasons why they hardly eat cow meat, some are:

  • Red meat may likely increase Alzheimer’s disease risk
  • Red meat can also cause cardiovascular diseasem
  • Your risk of colon cancer with your red meat consumption
  • Too much Red meat leads to Type 2 Diabetes
  • Mad cow disease
  • Red Meat is not what it used to be.

There is why many are protesting no way the Ruga settlements project and a desire for land-grabbing. domination and conquest.

Ruga settlement in Nigeria, meaning

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