Six Pieces Skirt How to Cut it

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here is the tutorial and simple steps on how to cut your six pieces skirt. these principles can be applied to other pieces skirt like 4 pieces skirt.

What is needed to cut six pieces skirt?

First, Get your cutting and sewing tools Ready. To cut a six pieces skirt, all you need is the following:

  • Minimum 3-4 yards of Fabric
  • Measuring Tape
  • A pair of Scissors
  • Pencil or Chalk
Six Pieces Skirt: How to Cut it

Six Pieces Skirt: How to Cut it

Six Pieces Skirt How to Cut it

Step 1: Take basic measurement

  • Waist
  • Hip
  • length of the waist to knee (Half length)
  • length of the waist to Ankle (Full length)

To know how to cut 6 pieces skirt, understand how creating a circular lower zone in the skirt and forming folds.

The folds in the skirt are the reason you would need a lot of fabric.

You need to understand this “six pieces skirt” cutting, Let make use of the following measurement:

  • 37 inches for the Waist
  • 44 inches for the Hip
  • The length of the waist to knee(Half) is 18 inches
  • The length of the waist to Ankle(Full) is 43 inches
  • The Total Yard (or Circumference) is 4 yards, we will multiply 4 yards by 36 to get 144 inches.
  • This is because 1 yard makes 36 inches, so 4 yards = 4 × 36 =144 inches
Six Pieces Skirt: How to Cut it

Six Pieces Skirt: How to Cut it

Six piece skirt would have seven 7 different pieces because the center back will be cut into two for the zip.

six piece skirt that will have zip at the center back, the cuts will be seven to accommodate the zip at the center back and at the end,

Step 2: Calculate the division for each piece


This applicable to 4 pieces skirt and other pieces skirt; in 6 pieces skirt, You divide by 6 while in 4 pieces skirt you divide by 4.

The division is simple. focus on the circular values, circumference, waist and hip.

  1. Divide total yard which is large 144 circle by 6 and get 24 (144÷6= 24)
  2. Next, divide waist 37 by 6 and get 6.1 (37÷6 =6.1)
  3. Also, divide hips 44 by 6 and get 7.3 (44÷6 = 7.3)

Each of  6 panels we would have a circumference of 24 inches, a waist measurement of 6.1 inches and Hip measurement of 7.3 inches.

Six Pieces Skirt: How to Cut it

Six Pieces Skirt: How to Cut it


Step 3: Add up your seam allowance to your waist and hip measurement

  1. Add allowance of 1.5 inches to the waist measurement of 6.1 to get 7.6 inches (6.1 + 1.5 = 7.6)
  2. Also, Add allowance of 1.5 inches to the hip measurement of 7.3 to get 8.8 inches (7.3+1.5= 8.8 inches)

Simple rule here.

Here the biggest part is the 24 (from the circumference division), each panel of 24, you get the waist measurement of 7.6 and the hip measurement of 8.8.

Step 4: Mark out each panels for cutting

Cutting out skirt into 6 panels.  you  will have two block, front block, which is the front part of the skirt and  back block which is the back part of the skirt.

For the front block, we will have 3 panels out of the 6 panels and and for the back block, we have the other 3 panels but the middle panel at the back will be divided into two for the zip.

I will show how to mark out the part for one panel which will then be repeated for each of the six panels.

  1. Cut out your first panel from the cloth using our circumference division by 6 which is 24 inches by our full length (45 inches).
  2. see the panel, identify the waist, hip and half length and mark it. From the division and seam allowance, the waist is 7.6, hip is 8.8 (approximately 9) and half-length is 18
  3. On the half length line (at 18 inches from  the top of the cloth), identify the center. Ensure you are at the center.
  4. Now out of the  24  for the circumference, I am going to mark out 9 inches at the center of the 24 (circumference), which is 4.5 inches each on both sides. This process will be done at the knee
  5. Next, I link them together knee and waist
  6. Next, link knee to base of circumference . (9 inch from center knee to 24 in at base).

Remember, the sixth panel for the zip like I said b4 is cut into 2 so u must add at least 1 inch seam on both sides for joining the zip back.  raps the cutting of the skirt.
Next is to start sewing.


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