The First Primary School in Nigeria

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The First Primary School in Nigeria, Did You Know? The First Primary School in Nigeria can be found in Badagry. Let me Show you.

The First Primary School in Nigeria

Badagry, Lagos State, Nigeria, is situated in the coastal area of directly bordering Benin at Seme. During the British Colony, Wesleyan Mission (Methodist Church), established the first primary school in Nigeria in 1843. The school was named In 1845 by Rev. Golmer , As St. Thomas Anglican Nursery and Primary School,of the Church Missionary Society (CMS), Inside the School you will find the first story building in Badagry.

Town Is Over 600 Years Old

A farmer called Agbedeh founded Badagry in the early 15th century. Due to the corrupt  nature of the town, it was named Agbedagari by Yoruba settlers, which later was changed to ‘Badagry’ by the European slave traders.

Christianity Was First Preached There

The sermon was first preached is known as ‘Agia Tree’ and the sermon was preached by Rev. Birch Freeman of Methodist Church.

The major problems was slave trade which was reduce as a result of British colonization and influence. And the the Christian mission activities were increasing rapidly.

Fact You Need To Know

Country Nigeria
State Lagos State
LGA Badagry
Government • Sole Administrator Jacob Kent
Area • Total 170 sq mi (441 km2)
Population (2006) • Total 241,093
Time zone UTC+1 (WAT)

Lagos, is referred to as Lagos State. Distinguishing it from Lagos Metropolitan Area. Lagos State is a state in the southwestern Part of Nigeria. One of the smallest in area of Nigeria’s 36 states.

Important places in Badagry

Royal Palace of Mobee of Badagry

Badagry (February 1851)

Nigeria’s first Christian Mission in Badagry.

This is located at the museum of slavery.

Seriki Faremi Abass Slave Museum, Badagry

Seme Route

Slave Port Badagry

The First Administrative Building, Badagry, Lago

The first well in Nigeria

The first storey building in Nigeria

Badagry heritage museum model, Badagry, Lagos

Badagry heritage museum stone, Badagry, Lagos

Badagry, Apapa, Ikeja landmark


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