Top 5 Nigerian Newspapers (Most Read Online)

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Looking at the Top 5 Nigerian Newspapers. Once will tend to forget the history and origin of newspaper industrial in Nigeria, with the like of blog that clouded the news industrial in the currents time, Most Nigerians tends to use theirs phones and social media to updates on news, our Fathers and mothers still believe and has trust on the printed news, Here we made a list of the Top 5 Nigerian Newspapers. Vanguard Newspaper, The Guardian Newspaper, The Daily Sun Newspaper, The Daily Sun Newspaper, The Nation Newspaper


 Vanguard Newspaper, The Guardian Newspaper, The Daily Sun Newspaper, The Daily Sun Newspaper, The Nation Newspaper Top five Nigerian Newspapers

Top 5 Nigerian Newspapers

1. Vanguard Newspaper:

Daily Nigerian newspaper. Was established by Sam Amuka – Pemu and three friends, based in Lagos Nigeria.entered Nigerian market in 1983 with the sole aim of serving Nigerians through strong commitment to free enterprise, rule of law and good governance.


2. The Guardian Newspaper:

An independent daily newspaper published in Lagos, It was established in 1983 by late Alex Ibru and Stanley Macebuh. Guardian is known to set the pace in introducing high quality journalism in Nigeria. It first came out as a weekly publication on Sundays and was published on 22nd February, 1983 and by July 4th 1983 started as a daily publication. With the slogan ” Conscience nurtured by truth”,

3. The Daily Sun Newspaper:

Nigerian daily Sun print newspaper was founded and published in Kirikiri Industrial Layout, Lagos, Nigeria. The Daily Sun was incorporated on March 29, 2001. It started as a weekly production on January 18, 2001 and as a daily on June 16, 2003. It has the same design and pattern of the UK’s popular newspaper, The Sun.


4. The Punch Newspaper:

This is a Nigerian daily newspaper. It was founded by James Aboderin and Sam Amuka in 1971/1973. It is credited with being the first Nigerian newspaper with a strong political affiliation and interest. And today, it is still one of the most read newspapers in Nigeria.


5. The Nation Newspaper :

This is a daily newspaper published in Lagos, Nigeria. It was founded on July 31, 2006. According to the paper’s website, it stands for freedom, justice and the market economy. It was the first to gain nationwide circulation across the 36 states of Nigeria within two years of operation.

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