Top 5 Nollywood Legendary Actors Who Are Now Gone

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Today, I will be sharing in this article about top 5 Nollywood legendary actors who are no more on the face of the earth. These actors are the people who we refer as the pioneers and pillars of the Nigerian Nollywood Industry and they have done so well for the industry with their skills and talents, and have made histories too but it is so sad that they are not here with us anymore.

Top 5 Nollywood Legendary Actors Who Are Now Gone

Top 5 Nollywood Legendary Actors Who Are Now Gone

Here is a list of them:


Sam Loco-efe

Sam Loco-efe was a Nigerian actor and director. He was popularly known for his ability to make people laugh and happy while watching his movies, so he was a comedian. The actor was born on 25 December 1945 in Enugu State but he hails from Benin,Edo State. During his lifetime,the actor featured in over 100 movies before his death on 7th August 2011. Sam Loco-efe was suspected to died from asthma as no one can actually say what really killed in his hotel room them.


Enebeli Elebuwa

Enebeli Elebuwa was a Nollywood Legendary actor. The actor was born in February 1947 in his hometown Delta State. He was popularly known for his roles as a “big man” in movies and have featured in over 50 movies during his lifetime, some of them includes; Royal war, Against my blood, City of kings etc. He died in December 2012 after suffering from Diabetes induced stroke although he was flown to India for medical treatment in June 2012 he still didn’t survive it, he was buried in Victoria Court Cemetery,Ajah, Lagos State.


Justice Esiri

Justice Esiri was a Nigerian veteran award-winning actor. Justice Esiri was considered to be one of the strong pillars of Nollywood with an acting career that goes way back to the 1960’s. He became popular in the Industry after featuring in the TV series “ The village headmaster “ and “Thing fall apart “ the film adaption both shown on NTA then. He was born on 20th November 1942 in his hometown, Oria-Abraka,Delta State and he died on the 19th February 2013 from complications of Diabetes and was buried in his hometown, Abraka, Delta State.Before his death he was honored as National honours as order of the Niger (OON).


Ashely Nwosu

Ashely Nwosu was a Nigerian actor who is also gone. Before his death, he had featured in over 50 movies and some of his movies includes the following, for those of you that might already forgotten about him; Expensive Game, Passion of minds, Aristotle and blind love etc. The actor passed away in yaba military hostipal on 21st April 2011 after suffering liver complications. He died at the age of 57 years leaving behind a wife and daughter.


Pete Eneh

Pete Eneh was a veteran Nigerian actor popularly known for his kind and quite nature in almost all his movies. It is so unfortunate and sad that he dead from lack of proper medical attention. The actor who hails from udi,Enugu State died from a leg amputation that resulted from an infection he suffer after being hospitalized in Park Lane hospital, Enugu. Before his death, Pete Eneh had featured in over 100 movies including; lonely life, price of ignorance, heavy rain, by his grace etc.


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