Top 5 Influential Tech Blogs in Nigeria

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Top 5 Influential Tech Blogs in Nigeria, Technology is the mother of all invention right from the olden days till this present day and as such technology is eventually taken over everything in the world today. Technology is one of the things that rules the world and it is the main driver of economic and industrialized nations of the world. This is the more reason why developing nations such as Nigeria largely invest a significant proportion of it’s revenue in science and technology.

Top 5 Influential Tech Blogs in Nigeria

Top 5 Tech Blogs in Nigeria

The existence of technology have resulted to the creation of a lot of things including the creation of these technology blogs. Tech blogs helps us to become enlighten about the Lastest tech news, trends, newest innovations and information about things happening around the globe or on the Lastest gadgets.

In today’s article, I will be sharing with you about the tech blogs in Nigeria in order to widen your knowledge bank on that, incase you don’t know about them before now :


This tech blog is currently ranked the highest in Nigeria. It was established and created by femi bankole in 2013. Techcabal is aimed at bringing together lovers of techies who share their insights, experience,knowlegde and lastest development in the world of technology ,most especially when it has to do with our local environment. Some areas covered by Techcabal include information technology, tech news, reviews and much more.

Naija Tech Guide

Najiatechguide is another relevant tech blog in the country and also one of the oldest amongst others. It was founded in 2006 by it’s administrator named Pascal Okafor. The founder Paschal Okafor happens to be one of the most respected Nigeria’s tech analyst and blogger. The site mainly focuses on technology reviews, news, specs as well as price comparison of gadgets and electronics and also the site has won many major awards in the last few years.


This blog site turns out to be the most sophisticated Nigeria’s tech blog at the moment. One amazing detail about this blog is that is owned and managed by a young beautiful lady named Tobi Ayeni who happens to be a graduate of Covenant University where she studied banking and finance. Her blog came into existence due to her great passion for the technology world and sector. This Misstechy site focuses on so many things that has to do with technology ranging from young women in tech space,lastest apps in the tech space and product reviews. It is said that her product reviews are in line with the best global practices and they can be compared with the likes of techradar, CNET, GSM arena etc

Tech Point

Tech Point is one of the most visited tech blogs in Nigeria till date. This tech blog was founded by two creative minds of Adewale Yusuf and Muyiwa Matuluko in January 2015.The blog focuses mainly on entrepreneurs, start-ups,tech issues and gadget reviews.


This blog site is among the oldest tech blogs in Nigeria which was founded in 2008. One amazing fact about this tech blog was it’s ability to  rise again as one of the most high ranked blog after it suffered a setback in 2013 due it’s ranking dropping on Google. Obongeblog focuses on indepth informational articles on technology as well as online money generation.


The blog site is owned by wisdom obioha,a young chap with an addiction to researching in the tech world. The wizytechs is a Nigerian tech blog that focuses on browsing tricks,smartphone reviews, network data plans, mobile operating systems, games and apps, and other tech stuffs.

Other top tech blogs in Nigeria includes Geek Nigeria, TechCity,Specsprice,Techtrends and so many of them that are excellently doing great in the world of technology. You can check them all out for more details and knowledge about technology.

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