Top 7 rules of life You don’t know about

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Top 7 rules of life You don’t know. Most People believe in the reading motivational book, listening to motivational speakers To help them improve their lives, to an extent it will not do any changes in your life, the advice and lessons you learned from experience has a long way to better your life.

What Ruin People's Lives Top 7 rules of life You don't know about

Some Top 7 rules of life You don’t know

  1. Never speak about Your next plan No matter how close you are to Someone Never Tell him or her Your next major move that You are working, for unless You have achieved it.
  2. Speak Less : Most people believe in gaining friends and the tend to speak much not knowing that are building a house of jealousy, you will lose many friends, potential opportunities and lose the respect you have ! Speak less , keep Your loud mouth shut . It works
  3. Don’t Judge : Your life is unique and the path you took is yours and nobody could follow it or understand it. It’s the same with others ! The moment you start judging someone you are questioning his life and experiences. It’s the worst thing you can do to someone.
  4. Travel : When you look at your bank statement you may think that it’s hard to afford to travel. Don’t wait for your retirement to travel ! Travel young, experience the world, culture and people when you are young. I have met many inspirational people and experiences life changing moments during my travel. I always cherish those moments !
  5. Never Stop learning: No matter where you are , what you are, how you are, never stop learning. Learning rule doesn’t mean that you should learn something academically for a profession, but you could learn anything. Like me doing an online course in Wine Tasting at the moment . The moment you claim ‘I have learned enough, you are dead, never die too soon 🙂
  6. Exercise: Exercise Wiil changed Your life completely, You will be motivated, happy and positive. Your focus Will improved, quality of sleep & its time  improved, diet Will changed and You will feel fresh most of the time.
  7. Reading : How about reading two books a month? challenge Your self and Will notice that You have newer ideas, and it’s really interesting too. With innovations, changes happening around you at a high pace, how will you keep yourself updated with all the latest innovations ?, With reading You will not be 10 years behind the present time ?

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