Top Ford Dealers in Nigeria

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The Ford brand of cars has been one of the oldest and best brand of cars ever manufactured in the history of cars today. Top Ford Dealers in Nigeria | New & Used Ford Cars. The ford cars are well driven here in Nigeria because of its sharp designs, durability, affordability including both purchase and maintenance and lastly for it’s effectiveness.

Top Ford Dealers in Nigeria

Top Ford Dealers in Nigeria

At times,  Finding the right dealers of this Ford motors here in Nigeria could be difficult since it is not manufactured here in Nigeria but recently the Ford motor company recently appointed coscharis motors as its sole representative in Nigeria.  The ford motor company also made it clear and public that RT Briscoe Which used to be it’s sole representative here in Nigeria, will no longer be it’s distributor for commercial reasons and to consolidate it dealer presentation in the country.

Sadly enough, ford motor company ended it’s 11 – year partnership with Nigeria distributor RT Briscoe  as of 30 June 2016, while reinforcing it’s paternership with coscharis motors limited as the country’s sole official Ford distributor.  Their sole aim of patterning with the coscharis motors limited is so that they can fully focus on long-term strategy that can continuously improve their sales, services and parts network within Nigeria.

Ford have also invested extensively in developing the Nigeria market in conjunction with coscharis motors, which includes the launch of a semi knockdown vehicle assembly plant for the Ford Ranger, and the opening of the Quick Lane centres and a Quick part outlet.

Coscharis motors currently has 11 outlets sited in the major centres of Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Calabar which will continue selling, servicing and maintaining Ford vehicles throughout Nigeria according to Ford’s stringent global standards. Also with the collaboration of the ford motor company and coscharis they have officially opened three quick lane tyre and auto centres in Nigeria, starting out in Lagos in 2013, with calabar and Ado-ekiti being launched earlier this year.

This Quick lane centres are an initiative of Ford motor company with facilities that offer motorists professional maintainance for minor service items in the shortest amount of time,  with the emphasis on personalised care, quality and value for money .

Below are a list of the major outlets and showrooms of Ford motors dealers owned by their major distributor coscharis limited here in Nigeria :

Thе Fоrd Cеntrе Pоrt Harcourt
314, Pоrt Hаrсоurt Aba Exрrеѕѕwау,
Rumukwurushi, Pоrt Hаrсоurt
08037386493, 07093728174

Cоѕсhаrіѕ Motors
Cоѕсhаrіѕ Ford Shоwrооm
27, Akіn Adеѕоlа Strееt,
Vісtоrіа Iѕlаnd, Lаgоѕ 08023182774,

242, Aba Road, off Aіrfоrсе Base,

Pоrt Harcourt, Nіgеrіа.
Phоnе : 08050225223

Plоt 388, Cоnѕtіtutіоn Rоаd,

Central Business Dіѕtrісt, Abujа
Phоnе : 08023188331

Nwаnіbа Rоаd,

Uуо, Akwa Ibоm, Nіgеrіа
Phоnе: 08057623171

Plоt 8, Gudа–Abdullаhі Rоаd,
Fаrm Cеntrе, Kаnо Nigeria
Phоnе : 08023188331

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