Top Hyundai Dealers in Nigeria

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Hyundai motors, one of the best and newest brand of automobiles in the world today. The Top Hyundai Dealers in Nigeria. The Hyundai group of motors are being manufactured and founded by the Hyundai motor  corporation in South Korea. These Hyundai motors are mainly known  for their stylish designs, affordable prices and maintenance cost and it’s durability guarantee.

Top Hyundai Dealers in Nigeria

One great features about Hyundai motors is that it gives you a lot of varieties of it’s model to choose from depending on your own choice. Some of the Hyundai models includes; Hyundai i10( this particular model has won a number of awards since its launch),Hyundai i20 , Hyundai elentra, Hyundai azera, Hyundai Santa-Fe(SUV) etc and so many other models.

So if you are thinking of getting yourself a car maybe because of expensive price of cars you might have decided to get a tunkbo car instead, why not leave price and go for quality product this time around, may I remind you that some of these second hand used vehicles might be budgeted at an estimate cost of a million and above but actually with less than a million, from the range of #720,000 and above one can get either a brand new or used Hyundai car and a very good one at that. You can actually see that Hyundai motors are less expensive and very affordable for anyone who intends on buying a car soon.

It is very advisable that when you want to purchase a Hyundai car  you should buy from an authorized Hyundai dealers in order to be in on the safer side. This authorized Hyundai dealers not only sell the cars, they also sell the spare parts and body invade your Hyundai car might need some repairs, replacement, servicing and maintenance.

Top Hyundai Dealers in Nigeria

In this article, I will be sharing some information pertaining to the top dealers of Hyundai motors in Nigeria.

These Top Hyundai Dealers in Nigeria are accredited and have earned recognition in the market so are safe to deal with. They are :


Kefiano: This organization deals on both foreign new and used cars. they are one of Top Hyundai Dealers in Nigeria. They offer a variety of car from manufacturers such as Mercedes, Toyota, BMW and Hyundai. This organization deals on different models of Hyundai including the recent models and they can be easily be reached on kefianoautos. Com

Coscharis Group Limited

Coscharis Group Limited: This company is well known as one of the Top Hyundai Dealers in Nigeria. They deal with different automobiles manufacturers and hence offer a variety of different models of Hyundai and can be reached on

Globe motor holdings

Globe motor holdings:  This is one of the major dealers of Hyundai motors directly with the auto manufacturers and hence offer better after sales support and also with three year warranty on any new Hyundai model you purchase from them. They also have many outlets and showrooms all over Nigeria.


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