University Of Ibadan: Armed Robbers Invade Female Hostel

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University Of Ibadan: Armed Robbers Invade Female Hostel: In the early hours of today; Friday 12th July, a group of armed men invaded the Awolowo Hall of the University of Ibadan. Awolowo Female Hall is the largest student hostel in Sub-Saharan West Africa with a total optimum capacity of nearly 8,000.

University Of Ibadan: Armed Robbers Invade Female Hostel


The robbery incident reportedly started around 1am when loud noises, screams and door banging of all nature were heard around the C and D blocks of the hostel, a group of 7 – 10 hoodlums had made their way into the hostel and were knocking down doors to gain entry into the rooms.

These robbers were said to have made their way through a fence around the front car park popularly known as “Awo Mount Zion”. The men came undisguised and totally unmasked, and distributed themselves in factions to carry out their evil deeds.

A victim claimed to have looked at three of them straight in the eyes and said they look as though they were in their late twenties.

The lackadaisical attitude of security personnel didn’t help matters as the security men and hostel porters locked themselves in and residents recount on how they heard one of the security men shouting “L’Oruko Jesu E Ma Ba Ara Yin Ja” Meaning: start fighting yourselves IJN.

Two girls were stabbed and another was said to have jumped from the third floor out of fear, another account says that a girl was kidnapped by these men and found later this morning.

People were beaten and laptops, phones and other valuable carted away, most victims whose phones were stolen claimed the robbers even went as far as demanding their phone passwords, Apple ID login details and also their ATM card pins.

Another resident says one of the robbers told her to her face that “this is just the beginning” and this calls for serious attention as another private hostel 600 meters away known as St. Anne’s Anglican Hostel was robbed the same way about a week ago

but the story is said to have been swept under the carpet to save the reputation of the hostel and the school. Confusion set in after the robbers left and students are left in panic about their safety.

Peace, safety and security are both necessary and indispensable requirements for development and the attainment of good quality of life for any human society and they provide the requisite enabling environment for students to live and work towards academic excellence

but this seems to have been taken away from the campus as Private rooms popularly know as BQs also get robbed incessantly.

UPDATE: the porters won’t allow the Press members speak to the students and victims because they are trying to make them go with their own side of the story, this is just devastating!! THEY WON’T LET US SPEAK! WE ARE NOT SAFE!!

University Of Ibadan: Armed Robbers Invade Female Hostel

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