What are Tokunbo cars?

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What are Tokunbo cars?. A Car is one of the necessity that a man need as it helps with easy mobility. Getting a new car can be very expensive owing to the present economy situtation of Nigeria now and this has resulted to so many people buying secondhand or used cars now to lessen the price.


Sometimes we ask What are Tokunbo cars? before buying tokunbo cars,  things you have to consider before buying one.

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1.Your financial capability

2.Don’t put insurance fee out of your consideration

3.Consider the car’s price

4.Consider the car’s condition

5.Think about the reasons for sale of the owner

6.Consider an alternative

7.Check the Car’s ignition

8.Check the Car’s mileage

9.Know how long the seller’s business is

10.The car gearbox

11.Check the engine’s strength

12.Take a look at the vehicle identification number


14.Availability of car parts

15.Testimony of previous buyers

The following are 15 things to consider when buying a tokunbo car:

1.Your financial capability: You have to be aware of your financial status to know how stable you are before thinking of buying a car. Don’t forget to have a budgeted amount for the car you intend to buy.

2.Don’t put insurance fee out of your consideration: Affording the price of a car is not always a probelm but sometimes the cost of insurance fee of a car like it’s maintainace and servicing might be costly than buying a new car.


3.Consider the car’s price : Ask for the amount the dealer wants to sell the car for and check if the car is worth it.

4.Consider the car’s condition: If you don’t know much about cars ,get a mechanic to check the condition of the car to know if the car is still in good shape and condition to be used again.

5.Think about the reasons for sale of the owner: Try and know the reason why the owner wants to sell the car before buying to avoid complain or issuses after purchase.

6.Consider an alternative: Maybe before buying a car there is this particular car that you have in mind but later found out that you can’t afford it you might consider an alternative in this case.

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7.Check the Car’s ignition:Make sure to test the car’s ignition to know if the car system can start properly without any issues.

8.Check the Car’s mileage: Ask or check the number of miles(ie distance) the car in question can travel or move using a specific amount of fuel in it.

9.Know how long the seller’s business is: When trying to buy a car,it is very important to deal with a trustable and reputable dealer and also find out how long he has been in the business and how much experience the dealer has.

10.The car gearbox: Check the car’s gearbox to know if it can reverse properly.

11.Check the engine’s strength:Ask permission from the dealer to test drive the strength and durability of the engine and to also know if it is in a good condition too.

12.Take a look at the vehicle identification number: Before closing the deal ask for the car’s V.I.N from the dealer to make sure that the car is not a stolen or lost one.

13.Popularity: Sometimes a car’s popularity helps to grade and rate the quality and efficient of a car.

14.Availability of car parts: Check to know how reachable and available the car’s spare part are incase any part needs replacement or repair.

15.Testimony of previous buyers: check and listen to others that have used the car before, before buying.


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