What Ruin People’s Lives, Toxic Habits

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What Ruin People’s Lives, Things main that ruin people’s lives Does not happen instantly or during a single event, but slow and steady over time.

What Ruin People’s Lives

  • Doing same thing and expecting different results. (First has to be awareness that this is happenning)
    • Expecting recognition from their efforts.(this is a natural need and its has limits)
    • Comparison.(this is a natural process living in society)
    • Care about what people think or know.(it depens who are talking about and what you do about it)
    • Waiting for change without shaking a leg.(its depends about the interna locus)
    • Watching pornography.(if this become a drug like issue is a mental and medical issue)
    • Being friends with negative people.(this is a very important factor for get negative or positive results)
    • Gambling.(this is a mental and drug like issue need help)
    • Expecting love in return.(this depends about your own expectations and how was your relationships with your own parents)
    • Chasing money.(this is a cultural issue because is the now scrip of life for most of the people and it provocate frustation) is the result for a consumer society.
    • Being alone every time.(this depends about how are you social skills)
    • Doing jobs they hate.(this depends about your interna locus and your self esteem)
    • Making fun of others and discuss people.(sometimes this are escape routes to the interna frustation)
    • Judging people by their grades or jobs.
    • Smoking and drugs addiction.(this are health problems )
    • Living a lie.(this is a mental illness)
    • Complaining about everything.(could be a mental illness)
    • Procrastination.(frustation issues)
    • Living in regrets.(living in the past or in the future) its not healthy

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