World top cities to retire in 2019

Based on International Living’s list of the World Top cities to Retire in 2019. Noisemakers has ranked the countries according to beauty, climate, environment, social acceptance, less crime etc…

World top cities to retire in 2019

The top destinations adding up new entries, covering every lifestyle option. If you on a budget that is concerned to keeping a low cost of living? Or your top priority is warm and sunny climate? Or for many with healthcare issues or moving to an English-speaking destination or for business or other important things. Whatever is the benchmark, Noisemakers have you covered.

World top cities to retire in 2019

We included new destinations,from across the world, to the list this year. The new cities from South America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. Most of these cities are not well-known. Noisemakers are still exploring new locations to give you the best retirement options that your desire.
Retirement Has been group into categories. The categories of cost of living, entertainment, recreation, climate, health care, whether English is spoken, expat community, infrastructure (broken down to include, internet, electricity, and domestic access), international access, environmental factors, crime, affordability of real estate, residency, and taxes.


Best places to retire, 2019.

1. Thailand
2. Malaysia
3. Vietnam
4. Bali (Indonesia)
5. Cambodia
6. Italy
7. Portugal
8. Spain
9. France
10. Panama
11. Costa Rica
12. Mexico
13. Colombia
14. Sri Lanka
15. Croatia

(International Living)

World top cities to retire in 2019

The categories

1. Cost Of Living.

“How much money do I need to retire?”

Most frequently asked question, “it depends on you”. To find out, imagine your ideal lifestyle and make a list of what you want from your new life.

2. Health Care,

Quality, affordable health care is often mentioned as primary reason for retirees and choosing to relocate overseas,
you don’t want to take any chances. In this category Portugal, France, Italy, Malta, and Colombia, shine.

3. Residency Options

Portugal is one of the top places in the world to obtain residency, especially if you are a retiree

Brazil, Central America and the Dominican Republic

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4. Entertainment

Whatever you’re after, it’s hard to look beyondParis. Also consider Malta’spopularity is its rich history

5. Recreation

The two Abruzzo destinations, Città Sant’Angelo, and Popoli, can offer this and more

6. English Spoken

English Spoken it really comes down to two destinations, Belize and Malta

8. Taxes

Belize, Malaysia, Malta, and the Dominican Republic

9. Real Estate Affordability

In Italy’s Abruzzo region, the Caribbean, real estate in the Dominican Republic is a bargain.

The countries that offer real estate with no restrictions placed on foreign ownership

  • Belize
    • Recommend destination: San Ignacio
  • Dominican Republic
    • Recommend destination: Santo Domingo
  • France
    • Recommend destinations: Paris and Occitane
  • Italy
    • Recommend destinations: Popoli and Città Sant’Angelo
  • Portugal
    • Recommend destination: Algarve

11. Infrastructure

Paris is the place to be for quality infrastructure. Paris, France; Mazatlán, Mexico,Valletta, and, Malta

12. Environmental Factors

Abruzzo, Bled, andOccitanie, France.

13. Crime And Safety

Algarve, Portugal is at the top