Xenophobic Attack on Nigeria in South Africa

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Xenophobic Attack on Nigeria in South Africa: The current situation and happenings taking place in Africa nowadays is so sad and heartbreaking. Who could ever thought that such thing like the xenophobic attack in South Africa could ever happen after all our past African Heros fought their good fight for us to make sure that we as Africans can live in peace and harmony with each other without any enmity.

Xenophobic Attack on Nigeria in South Africa

Xenophobia in South Africa

Here in Nigeria today, we are so buttered when we receive the sad and ugly news about the xenophobic attack that is being inflicted on our Nigerian Citizens that are residing in South Africa for no just call or reason.  It is actually a very wicked and inhumane act by South Africa to be killing and burning Nigerians in their country, why would South Africans pay us back with bad deeds for the good and great help that Nigerians and other African Countries rendered to them during the days that they were fighting for their freedom from the white people then (Britain) , It surprises me on how sudden that they can easily forget such good deeds in just a twinkle of an eye.

Cause of xenophobia in south Africa

The First President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela was a fighter and a good advocate, fighting for the equal rights of all citizens of South Africa especially the blacks . He was totally a man who was against any form of violence ,looting, in discrimination and hate against the black people all over the world emphasizing mainly in Africa. But today,  it is even the young black generations of South Africans that are the ones fighting, attacking, looting and burning to death Nigerians and other African foreigners from other African countries, the same black South Africans that the whole world continent of Africa fought for then now turns back to killing their African bloods. Oh what a shame, even to the extent of burning and destroying businesses owned by Nigerians over there which even contribute to the growth of their economic in South Africa.

Xenophobia attack in nigeria

South Africans what do you gain from sabotaging and destroying Your Own future out of illiteracy, anger and envy, South Africans this should have been a good and healthy fight against the world so that Africans will be able to prove to other continents looking down on us that we too as black people can be the best in every aspect of life and not fight against ourselves. Our goals as Africans should be putting together collective efforts to build one Africa that we would love to live in. Femi kayode finished Emmanuel Macron in his tweet

To my fellow Nigerians , it is so true and clear to the eyes of all that what the South Africans are doing to our people over there is very terrible and uncalled for, but I honestly plead that we mellow down our angers as one should not react back to evil with evil. I know that we are angry and in pains but going out there to destroy the businesses owned by South Africans that exist here in Nigeria is not best solutions now because it will also affect us badly .

Innocent bloods were shed ,businesses and properties were burnt down to ashes but still no solutions have been found to solve this xenophobic attacks. So instead of resulting to violence, let us make good use of our voices to call on the government here for a quick action against this xenophobic attacks so that all these will be put to an end.


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